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About Us


Who We Are

Hompres is a professional manufacturer of health heating products. Our brand name “Hompres” is the combination of “Hot” and “Compress”, which means we aim to provide the most comfortable hot compress products for users. As our pace of life is getting faster in this rapid-developing world, most people are suffering from chronic pain and muscle stress. Hompres is committed to providing best heating products to empower you to move free again.


What We Have

After continuous trying and improvement, Hompres team has developed the ultra-thin and ultra-comfy hot compress products, which applies the exclusive patented technology-carbon nanotubes(CNTs).Different from carbon fiber heating materials, carbon nanotube films are featured by high efficiency, uniform heating and ultra-flexibility. Hompres heating products will definitely give you the most comfortable heating experience.


What We Wish

Heat therapy is a natural, clinically-proven way to relieve pain. For Hompres, we strive to live in a balanced and healthy life. That’s why we only focus on to develop the most comfortable and efficient heating products for users to accelerate healing and relieve discomfort with heat therapy. Hompres offers a full range of heating products including heating pad, heating wrap, heating scarf, heated gloves, etc. Let’s live better and move free with Hompres heating products.